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by the obama white house. we'll see how this plays out. i think this is a much easier thing -- a much easier scandal for people to understand than whitewater because you had the four deaths and there's a lot of explaining as to why the embassy did not get enough security to protect themselves. >> well, i've been asking -- governor, i'll let you respond to this because i've been asking aloud to what end would there have been this cover-up? and peggy noonan in "the wall street journal" today put it better than others. the inconvenient truth about benghazi, the genesis of the scandal, it looks to me like this. the obama white house sees every event as a political event. it could not tolerate the idea that the armed assault on the ben g benghazi consulate was a premeditated act of islamist terrorism. that would carry a whole world of political implications and demand certain actions and the american presidential election was only eight weeks away. they wanted this problem to go away or at least to bleed the meaning from it. governor, why is that not a convincing way to analyze benghazi? >> no, i
-mails give clarity to the administration's spin on the tragedy. a trifecta of problems for the obama white house gets full media attention. plus, an abortion doctor gets convicted of murder. the media finally show up. o.j. is back in the news. and the press is none too kind. and what is scott pelley talking about here? >> our house is on fire. >> covering the coverage on this special edition of "fox news watch." on the panel this weekers fox news contributor juddy miller, cal thomas, jim pinkerton, contributing editor, the american conservative magazine, meryl brown, director of month claire state university school of communication and media. richard granel, former spokesman to the last four ambassadors to the united nations. i'm john scott. fox news watch is on right now. >> it says no subpoena may be issued to any member of the news media or for the telephone toll records of any member of the news media without the express authorization of the attorney general. did you delegate that express authorization in writing to mr. cole? >> no, i don't think the recusal -- we looked for this. i do
state department and the obama white house. >>> the just department makes news with a report about gun violence. >>> new jersey's governor had a big secret -- not anymore. south carolina's former governor wins big in south carolina. and a certain comedian is not so happy. >> this scares me to my core. >> which stories made our newswatch list? covering the coverage next. >>> on the panel, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. monica crawly, radio talk show host. jim pinkerton, contributing editor, "the american conservative" magazine. and "daily beast" columnist k r kiersten powers. and david grennell, former ambassador to the united nations. i'm jon scott. fox "news watch" is on right now. >>> so fast forward, mr. hicks, to the sunday talk shows and ambassador susan rice. she blamed this attack on a video. in fact, she did it five different times. what was your reaction to that? >> i was stunned. my jaw dropped. and i was embarrassed. >> members of congress hearing testimony from witnesses who had firsthand knowledge of the attacks on our u.s. facilities in benghazi, libya, las
will be, will all the witnesses the republicans want be allowed by the obama white house to come to the hill. >> to your point, whether or not it will stop any of the objections from republicans, i want to play a mash-up if you will of some of the things republicans said today regarding what they want more from this irs investigation. let's play it. >> this house will stop at nothing to get to the american people the answers and the accountability that they expect. we need to know where the facts are. somebody made a decision to do this. and i doubt that there was low level employees in the field office. >> the republican members of the finance committee are sending a letter to the treasury's inspector general for tax administration, requesting investigation into this very issue. >> i think the resignation is appropriate. i called for that on monday. it is just the beginning. it is not nearly enough. i think there should be prosecutions of individuals responsible in abusing their power. >> michael smerconish. you had the tea party as well with ted cruz, for example. he said when
did or why it was done but there is no way to justify this. >> they charge the obama white house leaked classified information on the osama bin laden raid, a cyber attack in the iranian program to help his credentials. a senior white house official was able to expand on it without consequences. >> can you tell me that they have inside control or inside information on the a.p. bomb plot in may of last year. >> i had had a teleconference with previous administrations who were going to be out on talk shows on a night that ide was intercepted. i wanted to make sure they understood the nature of the threat and what it was and what it wasn't. >> reporter: tomorrow the attorney general who is already scheduled to testify in capitol hill before the scandal broke is expected to face another round of sharp questioning this time on the house judiciary committee. >> bret: so the question is double standard? >> to expand on this information in his closed-door meeting with media commentators, but the a.p the is a subject of a criminal prosecution and john brennan was interviewed and there was
news about the economy. the dow up 123.5. well, for the obama white house, not a good day. >> i think that again, i'm not going to comment on the specifics of an investigation here. >> that is white house press secretary jay carney who took a grilling on three topics. bengahzi, the secret subpoena of phone records and the irs targeting of conservative political groups. the last item the subject of a criminal investigation. >> i have ordered an investigation to be begun. the fbi is coordinating with the justice department to see if any laws were broken in connection with those matters related to the irs. >> more on all three stories coming up on the cbs evening news. >>> the good news, state revenue is soring. the bad news, federal cuts are putting the bke on the budget revival. the governor outlined his proposal at the state capital today. while california has a balanced budget the federal sequester and the payroll tax increase have slowed economic growth. state lawmakers have until june 15th to approve a budget. >>> america's cup is a go. that word coming today from executives with t
minister -- syria will also top the agenda when the turkish prime minister meets with obama at the white house on thursday. >> thousands of turks have taken to the streets. they warn the decision has provoked reprisals against turkey, including the weekend's bombings that cared -- killed nearly 50 people. >> they are trying to get to the bottom of who was responsible. >> the explosive force of the bomb was devastating. investigators are combing the scene centimeter by centimeter for clues. she is convinced that turkish groups carried out the attack. police have arrested members of an extremist group. speaking ahead of a trip to the united states, prime minister recep --recep tayyip erdogan said the investigation was ongoing, but there are clear indications the syrian regime was behind the attacks. the assad regime had collaborators inside turkey, he said. he made it clear that syrian opposition forces had no connection to the attack. the acting president of the opposition syrian national council directly accused the syrian government of involvement. everybody can see that fingers of the
? >>> president obama says the acting irs commissioner is out. white house in damage control mode. what big steps might they take to do more than just stop the bleeding? >>> devastation in texas. at least six people are dead. another dozen or so are still missing and many more injured after a tornado tore through the area. >>> in afghanistan, a suicide car bomber kills 16 people including six americans. it comes after months of relative quiet and it comes from a group that's not the taliban. good morning from new york. very busy thursday, may 16th, 2013. later this hour we'll talk to florida senator marco rubio about everything going on in washington. does it have an impact on immigration? we'll have details of a note that accused boston bomber left in that backyard boat about his motives. let's go to this live press conference that's happening in texas. take a listen. >> i don't really have next time to say that we'll get together and do a press conference but we've been asked about doing a tour out to the scene so we're going to have a bus available. i don't want all of the big trucks. we don't
that he suspects the irs was being pressured by quote, people high up in the white house or the obama campaign and other republicans argued the report was only the tip of the iceberg. >> what's most disturbing is that the inspector general could not rule out there was a broader problem including perhaps personal audits or other groups being target. >> what we don't know at this point is whether it jumped the fence from the irs to the white house. but we know this. we can't count on the administration to be forthcoming about the details of this scandal. >> this is unacceptable and it's immoral. it's the kind of behavior we associate not with the greatest democracy in the world, but with corrupt, tin pot dictators. >> at his news conference, holder hardly had time to respond to questions on the irs as he was repeatedly challenged about the justice department's decision to track the phone calls of ap reporters and editors and it's a decision he defended. >> i've been a prosecutor since 1976 and i have to say that this is among if not the most serious, it is within the top two or three mo
. the no drama obama white house -- >> was all drama. >> all drama and you know the no drama obama white house is slow to react to things. sometimes that served him well. has not served him well in these instances and that's part of the question that we're going to see this week. >> slow reaction, if anything, take everything at face value the slow reaction is what fueled the skepticism. >> i don't think that we're seeing anything different here, chuck. the president is very, very deliberate in considering all factors before he responds. and i don't think this is any different this time, particularly given the set of circumstances both with benghazi and the irs scandal. a lot of things we still don't know, particularly as it relates to the irs. i don't think we can expect him to speak on anything until he gets more fact. >> i look at these two issues and seems like the irs, easy one for the republicans to unite behind. >> absolutely. you'll see more of it in 2014. you've been talking about that. really energize the republican place and they already distrust the irs and you have a perfect storm
happens to see if we hit the jackpot ourselves. thank you very much. >> president obama's white house is mired in scandal. we'll talk to former president bush's chief of staff who will be here to offer concerns as the president is described in the media as a by tanneder. andy card will join us. >> and a volcano erupted and we'll tell you where and what it looks like. governor rick perry is calling the damage incomprehensible. and the incredible devastation hit hard by the tornados and get the forecast from janice dean who said more trouble is on the way. stay with us. [ female announcer ] doctors trust calcium plus vitamin d to support strong bones. and the brand most recommended by... my doctor. my gynecologist. my pharmacist. citracal. citracal. [ female announcer ] you trust your doctor. doctors trust citracal. [ female announcer ] you trust your doctor. so you can capture your receipts, ink for all business purchases. and manage them online with jot, the latest app from ink. so you can spend less time doing paperwork. and more time doing paperwork. ink from chase. so you can. what
it was to walk the new dog or ride the new bike. when i listen to the obama white house i give her even more credit. no one in this administration
is the irs scandal and how do you think the obama administration is did doing the white house in trying to handle it? >> i think it is quite serious. we don't know what its dimension is are and so on. the reason why this is problematic for the administration is one is that this action coincided with the political interests of the obama team that it so say the action was taken overwhelmingly against conservative groups. and the second thing is that the administration has had trouble telling the truth about it. as recently as just the other day you had the on his way out acting director saying on the hill argue gowing with the idea that any one was targeted and then, of course, congress asked for information which was not forthcoming when the irs higher ups found out about it in that never and congress was never told. another case where there has been difficulty telling the truth. you put the two things together and you have a combustible mix and this is the stuff from what scandals are made. the same applies might i add pair rennettically to benghazi as well. not a big deal in the middle
at the obama white house today, as the administration now scrambles on several fronts. we begin with the potentially illegal use of the irs to scrutinize some american groups and citizens because of their politics, and in this case because of conservative politics. again, this is just one front we're covering tonight. nbc's lisa myers starts us off live from our washington newsroom. lisa, good evening. >> brian, good evening. today the president's spokesman categorically denied the white house had anything to do with the irs targeting conservati non-profit groups. today's inspector general report will fuel still more questions about what happened. >> -- here because you love america! [ cheers ] >> reporter: the report officially confirms what tea party groups and conservatives have said for more than a year, that the irs was targeting them for extra scrutiny. the inspector general's report says beginning in 2010, the irs used inappropriate criteria to single out tea party and other organizations, based upon their names or policy positions when applying for tax exempt status. it
, they're still looking for the missing. >>> crisis mode inside the obama white house. the president now on the offensive as a string of controversies threatens to dominate his second term. >>> sudden impact. new crash test results are out. the results aren't good in one of the most popular vehicle categories on the road. >>> and the amazing race. a life-changing discovery for two young women at the finish line. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. as night fell to the west of ft. worth, texas, last night, they say ey
mode inside the obama white house. the president now on the offensive as a string of controversies threatens to dominate his second term. >>> sudden impact. new crash test results are out. the results aren't good in one of the most popular vehicle categories on the road. >>> and the amazing race. a life-changing discovery for two young women at the finish line. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. as night fell to the west of ft. worth, texas, last night, they say they could feel that charge in the air. people knew bad weather was coming. they didn't know how bad. it turns out at its height, the storm system was visible from space down to the circulation of one tornado just minutes before it dropped down and was reported on the ground. one of a dozen tornadoes to strike last night. some of them producing the most severe and damaging winds on earth. the death toll has been growing as some of the missing have been found. nbc's gabe gutierrez starts us off from granbury, texas, tonight. gabe, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. this is what an ef-4 tornado looks li
of problems for the obama white house gets full media attention. plus, an abortion doctor gets convicted of murder. the media finally show up. o.j. is back in the news. and the press is none too kind. and what is scot
: that answer from president barack obama left the door open to the possibility for the white house involvement not the irs scandal. when we come back, charles krauthammer will be here to explain why he thinks that could be the fatal moment of the obama presidency. and more on the explosive hearing. bob beckel and monica crowley are going to square off as "hannity" continues. ♪ [ slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you h heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums our seafood dinner for two for just 25 dollars! first get salad and cheddar bay biscuits. then choose from a variety of seafood entrées. plus choose either an appezer or a dessert to share. offer ends soon at red lobster! where we sea food differently. plus choose either an appezer or a dessert to share. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. ♪ right. but the most
of the situation until president obama says he learns it from the news. well, there is a white house liaison at the treasury department at every cabinet. there is a person whose job is to make sure they are coordinating with the white house. so either that person didn't know or they didn't tell the white house or that information doesn't get to the president. it does make you wonder does he want to know anything? are they afraid to tell him something? >> did he know or bad manager? >> we have to go. we will talk about this more. greg has more thoughts. don't go away. we have a lot to get to. more on the guilty verdict of abortion dr. kermit gosnell. kimberly will explain what is next for the convicted murder. and the mother of one of the benghazi victims has a message for hillary clinton. you will hear from her. stick around. >>> so it turns out the butt of every liberal's joke and the target of every anchor's ire, the tea party, was right. they were not only persecuted by the media, but the media darling. how funny those screaming witch hunt was exercising their own. the real fun is watchin
. turkishe after the prime minister held talks with barack obama at the white house, but there was no agreement at the syrian rebels, and barack obama was cautious on the claims that syria had used chemical weapons. of theave seen evidence use of chemical weapons in syria. it is important for us to make sure that we are able to get more specific information about what exalypeng there. >> obama has said in the past that chemical weapons would be a game changer, justifying a thoughtful response. turkey remained skeptical that the international conference on syria will lead to meaningful change in damascus. the turkish president criticized the international response to the crisis as talk, and he toward the side of the double car bombing near the syrian border. 51 people died in the attack. damascus denies allegations they were involved. also on thursday, the german parliament reviewed the ongoing reform of the armed forces. radical changes are aimed at a smaller but more vs zero army, says the defense minister tomas. allow restructuring will us to fulfill our internatio
business in the hot hands right now. president obama's spokesman said he was confident knowing the white house was involved and scoffed at any comparisons to watergate, with us now, the center of law and justice defending people against the irs, and americans for tax reform did extensive research on the the tactics of the irs, and jennifer from americans for prosperity, which was targeted by the irs. jennifer, starting with you, how are you targeted? tell us your story? >> this was before i joined americans for prosperity, just a stay at home mother, pregnant with another baby, and i wanted to do what was right. my tea party group was large, and i couldn't run the money donations through the banking the. i was add viesed the irs would get me for that. i called groups, file, create an organization, and here they were getting targeted by the irs, and i got scared. when i reach out to the irs to understand, some the questions the other groups -- gerri: what were they asking? >> all out there now, and i have documents showing it. you know, send us your facebook pages, twitter pages. i said i
-called accountability review board often referenced by the white house and state department to exonerate president obama and hillary clinton never even called key witnesses. and didn't have a stenographer present during questioning. we found out that the the security force was reduced from 30 people to six during the months preceding the attack and while ambassador stevens was begging for more security, we learned that above a certain level or rank or office, no one was held accountable. we learned thatg talking points that were drafted and crafted to explain it all away were changed 11 times with 12 different versions. we learned that the libyan government was so offended that we had contradicted their report of this as a terrorist attack that it delayed the fbi being allowed in to investigate for over two weeks. and most sadly, we learned that our people in libya begged for help and we instead abandoned them. we went from a policy of no man left behind to one oft no excuse left alone. democrats of course screamed that the concerns are nothing more than a partisan witch-hunt trying to take political ad
the attorney general of the united states. mr. holder typifies the essence of the obama white house crowd -- namely that they are entitled to their colossal sense of entitlement and staggering incompetence. besides, the president will protect them if they protect him. some argue this is a case of second-term blues, the fate of every president. they may be seen at prescient if the white house can keep the lid on the dirty details. for his part, obama is in fake concern mode, dumping 100 pages of emails about benghazi that have steered the press away from the main event. he is talking about congress providing him with more money to beef up security for our embassies abroad. he wants a shield law to protect journalists and of course, he fired a bureaucrat or two, all of whom have blamed their underlings. the newly fired irs steve steven miller said he was, quote, shocked -- shocked by the revelations. is that irony or willful ignorance? democrats were also furious that the irs and rangeled the affable democrat from new york with his own tax problems, expressings out outrage at the irs hearin
. the obama white house facing the prospect of a looming constitutional crisis, a political crisis that the president and his inner circle seems to worsen with each passing day. the president and hiss -- his staff defending the administration against there's controversies and scandals now forcing the president to pivot focus on the presidential legacy to the presidential future. the benghazi coverup, the irs enemies list, targeting conservatives, and now the justice department must account for the extraordinary seizure of the phone records of the associated press reporters and editors. attorney regime eric holder today trieded to justify those seizures calling them part of the effort to identify the source of a leak that holder said compromised national security. holder, however, refused to answer why the justice department didn't first seek the voluntary cooperation of the associated press. when asked, holder announce it was the deputy, james cole, who signed the subpoena to seize the records, and, today, we learned holder rescued himself from the case because the fbi's investigat
touchy for the obama white house, the woman who used to be in charge of the tax exempt division, sarah hall ingram, has a new job, and republicans are jumping all over it. take a look. >> turns out that the irs official who oversaw the operation that's under scrutiny for targeting conservatives is now in charge of the irs's obamacare office. you can't make this stuff up. >> chris: brit with public doubts according to the polls growing about obamacare as it gets closer to implementation, this isn't going to help. >> no. think about what 84 going miller said on the hill the other day when asked why why he's on his way out, and he said he wasn't personally involved in doing this, didn't bring this about, but has to be held accountable for it. well, if he does, presumably she does. her promotion into this new and increasingly important job is a little hard to defend it seems to me. i don't see how it could be sustained. she may have known nothing about all this, but it was happening on her watch in a unit which she supervised. if he's gone, she should be gone. >> chris: 30 seconds. >> dan
of unanswered questions. as pressure mounts against obama and his white house in damage control mode, how is he going to deal with the benghazi controversy, the irs enemy's list and the a.p. spying allegations? trying to defend his old boss, professor of economics at the university of chicago, school of business, mr. goolsbee. i bet you are glad -- >> thanks for having me on, sean, i appreciate it. >> somebody has to come on from the obama administration. which of these three bothers you the most? >> i would like more details on all three, but if the irs thing is -- >> we know it's true. >> -- is specifically targeting parties, that's it. >> it's been established, they admitted to it. we have the i.g. report and i have all 54 pages here. >> here are the two things that are caveats. if they are true then i will agree with you but the caveats are number one, congress passed a law that says for this type of nonprofit organization you can't be a political partisan organization and be donating this money, and they toll the irs you make sure people are not politically partisan -- >> wait a minute, ta
that the obama white house has some real explaining to do about their behavior. >> i think that is true, but i think that the media needs to be looking in the mirror or, as well. for example, the tea party and other conservative groups have been complaining about unfair targeting by the irs for the last three years. the press ignored them. given that if it was low-level aids, just people in cincinnati doing this and they didn't really have any political acumen, then it wouldn't have been hard for a reporter to pick up the phone and find out or for white house communication to find out if there was a problem. >> we already know washington d.c. knew about it. >> i know. >> let me ask you a question. i would think that all of these things really bother you in terms of the irs intimidating people because of their political point of view. >> i agree. >> benghazi, four dead americans and we did nothing before when requests were help were out there -- >> i don't agree with you on that. >> they were toll to stand down. >> i don't agree. >> and a web of lies was built afterwards. now the a.p. story. my
on what they're doing. >> jeff, does it pass the smell test that the obama white house itself would not be informed about this just from a potential p.r. standpoint? >> it certainly actually does pass the smell test that the white house would not be involved. attorney general holder had to know. there is no question that a decision like this goes all the way to the attorney general. now, just to put this in a little perspective, the a.p. has suggested that this is part of an investigation of a leak regarding a possible terrorist attack in yemen and the administration will surely say look, you know, it's all well and good that journalists want to protect their sources, but this is a matter of life and death. if this stuff gets leaked, people will die, so we are willing to take that extreme step. i think that's the kind of balance you're going to see on this story. >> we'll see what the department of justice says about it. dana, the other controversy is the news the irs intentionally red flagged conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status. they would look for key words like tea
that the white house intentionally deleted the reference to al qaeda to spare president obama embarrassment during his re-election campaign. >> what i want is the truth. >> reporter: the e-mails seem to support the administration that they made few changes and didn't intend a coverup. the white house cleared quickly but the state has major concerns. >> suddenly three days ago, this gets spun up as if there is something new to the story. there is no there there. >> reporter: but even if the white house had little involvement, it does show an internal battle between the state department and cia, neither of which wanted to be the focus of criticism this isn't the end by any means, the issue will come up when the president has a news conference two hours from now, and republicans are urging the white house to release more documents. they say they will call witnesses, this isn't going away. charlie, norah. >> bill plante thank you. >>> president obama will meet with the joint chiefs to deal with the ng problem of sexual assault in the military. two military officers accused
to the obama white house i give her even more credit. no one in this administration
for political purposes by the obama white house and the department of justice? >> yes. gregg: is that an abuse of power? >> it's, yes, it is an abuse of power. the, when you have a situation where people's lives are at risk as they were in benghazi, and you make decisions whether to rescue them or not, or what story to put out or not, based on the demands of a political campaign, that's way too far. gregg: since you have drawn the connection with benghazi, let me put a rather straightforward question to you. given all you have seen and heard, including what the president said yesterday, do you think this president and the white house and his administration at large deliberately misled or lied to the american people? >> oh, there is no question in my mind that they deliberately misled the american people with regard to benghazi. and for him to have dismissed that as a sideshow i suggest is whistling past the graveyard. that is not a sideshow. that is the main event. gregg: when he says there is no there there, there is plenty there? >> there is plenty there. >> former attorney general michael m
that somehow the obama campaign, the obama white house, manipulated this to not say it was involved with terrorists. if you use the e-mails, it is clear they thought right to that week that it was a spontaneous demonstration that evolved in, it they used the word. evolved into the attack. then there was the mortar attack. i don't think it covers the state department with any glory, that's for sure. >> let me go to chuck todd for the last word. the politics of this thing from the beginning, was it protecting the secretary of state? was it protecting donlan? the one thing absent in all this discussion are name of principals. they're not in this discussion. it is already demts saying the building leadership. these weird references to their bosses. i have to assume going up to that "meet the press" day when susan rice was getting her audition to be secretary of state, there was an intense interest from the president on down in how good a job she did and i thought she did a hell of a job as a political warrior. >> there was politics involved here. when you read through this, if it had ju
. when i listen to the obama white house i give her even more credit. no one in this administration
it to president barack obama linking the white house to somehow ordering or winking and nodding to the agency to conduct these and you have democrats at the hearing pointing out that there was a bush a point tee as the -- appoint ian the inspector -- appointee and the inspector general said there was no evidence of political by as which was a bone -- bias which is a bone headed reason and it truly looked like a political party and i think it is an explanation as to why they singled out that phrase and other phrases. the real scandal is the 501c4 which claims to be welfare social organizations and they are not supposed to be doing that type much activity and a lot of folks use this designation and they are just under half of their behavior which is political. it is a stupid way to fur retaliate out these -- way to tell lynn wait these groups. >> do you know several wrote to the internal revenue service requesting if not demanding that the internal revenue service focus on the tea party. >> well, there is a lot of 501c4 privileges but the taint of partisanship comes in a sense from the press an
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